Kierkegaard & Asia

The 1st International Conference of the Kierkegaard Society of Japan

2 -5 December 2005 at Ormond College, University of Melbourne



Objective:                 The objective of the conference is to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Søren Aabye Kierkegaard’s death through celebrating his work in philosophy and theology. As this will be the very first Kierkegaard conference held in the Pacific Rim, we are especially interested in how Kierkegaard has been received and interpreted in Asia.



Date & Location:     The conference will be held on 2-5 December 2005 at Ormond College,

University of Melbourne, Australia.  Accommodation will be available in the College.


Why Melbourne? It is quite simple! The Joint Theological Library at Ormond College holds the Kierkegaard Malantschuk Memorial Collection, donated in 2003 by Dr. Julia Watkins of the Søren Kierkegaard Research Unit at the University of Tasmania. It is not only the largest collection Kierkegaard scholarship in Asia, but one of the largest in the world. The conference will provide participants a unique chance to research and discuss Kierkegaard’s work.


Participation:           We have a strong interest in interpreting Kierkegaard’s work from Asian perspectives.We invite all those with an interest in Asian philosophy and religion, in addition to Kierkegaard scholars from around the world.


There will be opportunities for both scholars and postgraduate students to present their research.


Format:                     Papers will be 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes for discussion. The Official Language of the conference will be English. There will be two streams, which will take place in separate conference rooms:


Kierkegaard:    All original research on Søren Kierkegaard’s philosophical and religious contributions will be acceptable.


Asian Studies:  Original research dealing with any Asian philosophy or religion with respect to Kierkegaard’s work will be acceptable.


On two of the evenings of the conference, there will be a joint discussion by two noted scholars, and a panel discussion.


Call for Papers:       Those interested in presenting their research at the conference should send the following information by email to the Selection Committee before 30 March 2005:

        • Name
        • Position
        • Institute Affiliation
        • Contact Information
        • 100 word abstract


Should you wish to attend, but not present a paper, or if you would like to make any inquiries about the conference, we encourage you to join the mailing list to remain up to date regarding conference developments!



The Kierkegaard Society of Japan would like to extend its gratitude to

Dr. Watkins and Mr. Harvey, as well as to Ormond College,

for their assistance in arranging the conference.

updated: 13 October 2004